The MSPAlliance has worked collaboratively to establish standards for providers of cloud computing and managed services since 2000. By setting industry standards and codes of conduct for thousands of its members all over the world, the association leads the way when it comes to defining manage service excellence.

Managed Services & Cloud Computing Certifications

More than a decade ago, the MSPAlliance established a variety of corporate and individual standards, exams, and audits that assure greater levels of assurance and accountability for its members and their clients. These standards were designed to give MSPs a better sense of how to be proficient in their trade, and to provide consumers with greater transparency and trust in those provider's with whom they do business. Those standards include:

There are many IT certifications, but only one standard developed specifically for cloud computing and manage service providers. If you are a service provider interested in improving your practice, or want to prove to your customers that you are qualified and trustworthy, you should consider having your company go through the MSPAlliance certification process. For more information on the various MSPAlliance standards, certifications and audits, contact us at or 530-891-1340