MSPAlliance was founded in 2000 with the mandate of giving MSPs a true industry association of their own; for MSPs by MSPs. Today we are 25,000 members strong. Over the years our mandate has grown from that of a simple industry association to that of a standards and accrediting body, with the purpose of educating the consumer on the benefits of manage service.

UCS Support Outlined

Today we have a much more important job to do and a call to action that we ALL must answer: As the worlds largest and oldest industry association for the Manage Service industry, it is our duty to now protect the consumers of manage service and cloud.  We must do this by creating and supporting our OWN standard.

The Unified Certification Standard (UCS) for Cloud & Manage Service Providers was created over 9 years ago by a team of dedicated MSPs just like you: a standard that has been continually updated to stay relevant and one that is now recognized and accepted worldwide.

The time has come for us to do what all professions have done before us - take steps to self regulate and actively guide our own profession. Cloud and Manage Service is too important to be left in the hands of another industry group, or in the hands of a governmental body or vendor driven group. MSPs must govern themselves. For the good of the industry as a whole, for the good of each of us individually, and for the good of the consumer.


We are launching a new initiative that is very simple in concept, but powerful in its potential. For those of you who are capable of going through the UCS audit and certification, we encourage you to do so. It will be a great experience for your company. For those of you who are not quite ready for the UCS audit, at the very least we encourage you to “support the standard.” Doing so will not only help show your solidarity to our cause of self-regulation, it will also show your company as being on the path towards excellence and transparency, but it will also show that we are 25,000 strong.

You can download a copy of the "We Support the Standard" logo here. 

For more information on the UCS and to obtain a sample UCS report, please email