"I am impressed by how much work goes into these audits and how that translates to a concise report.

I really appreciate all the time, effort, and patience that went into working with me to reach these conclusions.  We are definitely a better company and I am a better manager of that company having worked with you guys.  I will, of course, continue to use you as a resource for product research and best practices within an MSP." Andrew J., MSP IT Services Manager

The MSPAlliance MSP/Cloud Verify Program is a globally recognized certification developed by MSPs for MSPs, performed by an independent examiner. Our program adheres to the MSPAlliance Unified Certification Standard, the world’s oldest and most respected certification standard for the cloud computing and manage service industry.

Trust is an essential part of the relationship between you and your customers. But in an unregulated industry like ours, building that trust is not always easy. You need transparency. And you need credibility.

That means when your customers see this certification, they know they can trust your services and also trust that your company is in good corporate health, eliminating the majority of objections a client could have during the sales process and in their decision to partner with you.

What Makes the MSPCV Different? 

Unlike general technology standards, the MSPCV was created specifically for the manage service and cloud industry. The examination process is validated by a third-party accounting firm and a report on the MSP’s performance can be shared with existing and prospective clients. ISO, ITIL and COBIT are universal technology standards, not designed to meet the specific standards of the manage service/cloud industry.

Not Just a Self-Certification!

While other certifications, seals, etc, may simply require a provider to submit information and promise to adhere to ill defined industry standards, the MSPCV examination requires all applicants to submit to a comprehensive audit and onsite facilities inspection. When MSPAlliance first launched this accreditation and certification many years ago, the bar was firmly set high. All data is verified by third party auditors, so the accreditation validates the quality of a Manage Service and Cloud practice and is an achievement any company can be proud of.

To get started today, or to learn more, please call MSPA at 530-891-1340 or send an email to info@mspalliance.com.

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