“The payment of ransoms at the moment is effectively businesses around the world funneling millions and millions and hundreds of millions, probably billions of dollars into criminal gangs who reinvest that money back in their capability,” said the Australian Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security Clare O’Neil.  

The impact of these ransomware payments extends beyond national borders, prompting a shift in governmental policies globally. The Australian Minister’s statements reflect a broader trend of governments reevaluating the acceptance of ransomware payments as a norm. This evolution in policy raises critical concerns for businesses and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) worldwide. 

Even if you are not an MSP practicing in Australia, the implications of the Australian Minister’s remarks should resonate universally. It underscores the urgency for a collective response to combat the growing threat of ransomware. Businesses and MSPs, irrespective of location, must acknowledge the global shift away from the routine acceptance of ransomware payments. 

For MSPs, grappling with ransomware payments has become an enduring aspect of their business reality. Whether MSPs advocate for such payments or not, clients dealing with severe cyber events and data loss often perceive a ransomware payment as the quickest means to recover their critical data. In certain instances, clients may actively seek the assistance of MSPs in facilitating these transactions. 

Despite the Australian Minister’s indication that a ban on ransomware payments may take a few years, MSPs must not wait passively. Proactive engagement with clients is paramount to prepare them for a future where such payments may become obsolete. The onus is on MSPs to guide their clients towards a more secure future, fostering resilience against cyber threats. 

This envisioned future requires organizations to heed the advice of their MSPs. It involves a strategic focus on enhancing network defenses, elevating cyber hygiene practices, and adopting a more proactive approach to Information Technology (IT) management. MSPs play a pivotal role in steering clients away from the reliance on ransomware payments towards a more robust cybersecurity posture. 

To assist MSPs in this transformative journey, several practical steps can be undertaken: 

Upgrade Managed Services Policies:

MSPs should proactively revisit and upgrade their managed services policies, practices, and client guidelines. Aligning these with a future where ransomware payments are prohibited is crucial in adapting to evolving cybersecurity landscapes. 

Communicate Changes Transparently: Effective communication is key. MSPs must transparently communicate upcoming changes to their clients, explaining the evolving landscape concerning ransomware payments. Emphasize the necessity for proactive cybersecurity measures to ensure a collective and informed approach. 

Revise Service Catalog, Pricing, and Contracts: Reflect the changing landscape in service catalogs, pricing structures, and contractual agreements. Clients should be well-informed about the revised terms and conditions, fostering a collaborative and secure partnership. 

Set a Switchover Date: Establishing a clear timeline for transitioning away from supporting ransomware payments is essential. Sticking to the set date demonstrates the commitment to embracing a new, more secure approach. 

In conclusion, MSPs face the imperative task of taking decisive steps today to prepare for a future where ransomware payments are no longer considered an acceptable option. Updating policies, transparent communication, revising service structures, and setting a firm transition date are all crucial actions that will empower MSPs and their clients to navigate this evolving cybersecurity landscape with resilience and confidence.

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