Latest News from the Cybersecurity Insurance Front

More companies are entering the Cybersecurity insurance business and realizing how important MSPs are to that model. What does this mean for MSPs? We’ll discuss on today’s MSPZone. Episode Highlights:

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Is the MSP Market Contracting?

Is the professional managed services market contracting? We will address this question on today’s MSP Zone. Episode Highlights: There is no consolidation in the MSP market. But, there is incredible

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Avoiding the MSP Ransomware Trap

There are 3 steps MSPs can take to help clients reduce their risk of ransomware. Put slightly differently, here are 3 things you can do to avoid bailing your customer

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The Return of N-able

SolarWinds MSP changes name to N-able. What does this mean for the MSP community? We’ll discuss on today’s MSP Zone. Episode Highlights: History of N-able Reasons for leaving the SolarWinds

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Should MSPs Have a Data Protection Officer?

If you are an MSP in the European Union you are probably familiar with the term DPO, or data protection officer. DPOs are required under GDPR and are responsible for

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Random Thoughts on Cybersecurity Consultants

Cybersecurity has become a big business. And, it’s getting bigger every day. Much has been made about the transition from MSP to MSSP, and cybersecurity consulting firms are cashing in

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