Zero Trust Network Architecture for MSPs

What is ZTNA? As MSPs face increasing challenges in protecting their clients against global cyber threats, new ways of defense are needed. Could Zero Trust Network Architecture be an effective

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Securing the MSP Supply Chain

The supply chain in managed services involves numerous technology relationships with external parties. This is a normal practice. There are, however, some easy and necessary steps every MSP ought to

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4 Process Improvements for Private Cloud Managed Services

Managing any object (as a managed service) requires skill. But, beyond mere expertise, there are several critical characteristics that can really make your private cloud managed services offering take off

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2020 – The Managed Services Year in Review

It’s time for the annual managed services year in review. 2020 will be a historic year, not just because we had a global pandemic. The managed services profession achieved some

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The Unintended Consequences of MSP Regulation

MSP regulation is upon us. But, could there be unintended consequences not foreseen by the regulators and legislators passing such laws? Today, we talk to a Louisiana based MSP to

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MSSP – Build or Partner

If you are wanting to accelerate your steps towards offering managed security, you have a few options, including build or partner. Today’s episode discusses some of the pros and cons

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