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01 Communique Laboratory Inc. develops and markets a suite of products for mobile users with requirements for remote access, remote support and/or online meetings. Its remote access solutions include I'm InTouch, I'm OnCall, I'm InTouch Meeting and COMMUNICATE! product lines. I'm InTouch provides both businesses and home users with a personal computer (PC) remote access software solution to remote control their distant home or office computers from anywhere. I'm OnCall is a Web-based help desk management software application that allows resellers, information technology (IT) help desks and other organizations to deliver customer support services. I'm InTouch Meeting is a Web-based collaboration system allowing users to host online meetings and Web conferencings by sharing the computer screen of the moderator among all attendees. COMMUNICATE! is a fax, voicemail/telephony, Internet e-mail and paging software package, which works with a modem to convert a computer into an auto-attendant.
1450 Meyerside Drive, Suite 500, Mississauga Ontario L5T 2N5 Canada
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