Kaseya Buys RapidFire Tools – Analysis and MSP Impact

RMM company Kaseya® today announced its latest acquisition of RapidFire Tools. RapidFire Tools provides a powerful suite of IT assessment, internal threat detection, and compliance products. RapidFire Tools will continue to operate as a stand-alone, independent business-unit under Kaseya.

RapidFire Tools’ offerings include Network Detective, used by over 6,000 MSPs for network and security assessments.

Highlights and Analysis

  • At first glance this deal makes a lot of sense. Purchasing a network scanning technology allows Kaseya to further expand its security influence across it's install base of MSPs.
  • RapidFire Tools probably brings to Kaseya another base of MSPs to whom they can market and sell.
  • Although RapidFire Tools will continue to operate as a stand alone company, it seems logical to assume that Kaseya will want to tightly integrate the technology within its platform.
  • This acquisition raises the stakes against other RMM platforms like Datto and ConnectWise, as the race continues for consolidation of technologies and the creation of the MSP "Swiss Army Knife" strategy we seem to be witnessing for about 10 years now.

Although Kaseya will undoubtedly offer benefits of using Kaseya and RapidFire Tools together, the company pledges cross platform compatibility, which is a welcome sign for MSPs who do not want to be exclusively bound to either technology tool.

“Unlike the business models of some competing providers, users don’t have to worry about RapidFire Tools being exclusive to Kaseya customers,” said Voccola. “We would never do that to the IT community. Many of our customers use multiple products from other vendors, so to try and lock them in to the Kaseya ecosystem goes against what we stand for. Our approach has always been to put our customers first and provide them with the best-in-breed solutions they need to run their business. The addition of RapidFire Tools is the latest of many great proof points in our roadmap for this year and beyond to further the success and innovation of the IT Complete platform.”

“One of RapidFire Tools’ greatest strengths is our strong partnerships with other IT management platform providers. It cannot be overstated the importance of becoming a part of the Kaseya family and knowing with confidence that our customers can continue to effectively run their businesses because of Kaseya’s open ecosystem,” said Michael Mittel, founder and CEO of RapidFire Tools. “This deal took some time to complete but both sides easily recognized the benefits that joining forces offers our customers. The RapidFire Tools brand will remain unchanged and our existing customers can rest assured knowing that they will continue to receive the same high caliber products, services, and support. This is an exciting time for all of us. By being a part of Kaseya, we can now broaden the reach of RapidFire Tools to the scale we envisioned when we launched the company."

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