2023 Outlook for Managed Services Profession

Instead of just offering my predictions for the managed services market in 2023, I thought I would also include my list of suggestions or recommendations for the industry in order

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Position Paper on UK’s NIS Regulation 2018 Updates for Managed Service Providers

Introduction  The United Kingdom recently announced its intentions to expand notification rules for managed IT (Information Technology) service providers (MSP) involved in cyber breaches. The UK government joins many other

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MSPs Lower Risk

In case you were wondering, working with an MSP can lower your overall cyber risk profile. If you have been reading about how MSPs are at higher risk of being

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Can your MSP Practice Grow Too Fast?

By Charles Weaver  It sounds like a problem of the 1% MSPs. In reality, aggressive growth within the MSP market (this theory is true for any market though) can have

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Managed Security vs. Security

This is a topic we are going to be covering a lot in the future if present trends continue. The growing disparity between security consultancy firms and MSPs with managed

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How to Avoid Cybersecurity Burnout

For the past several years, we have heard nothing but the perils of cybersecurity attacks, and the mounting difficulty in preparing for and defending against such attacks. That type of

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