Cyber Verify program expands tools for certifying MSPs and enabling MSPs to deliver state-of-the-art compliance solutions, regardless of organizational maturity 

Chapel Hill, NC – March 5, 2024 – MSPAlliance®, the global industry association and certification body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry, today announced new enhancements to its Cyber Verify compliance program for MSPs and cloud providers. 

Cyber Verify, built by MSPs exclusively for MSPs, is a program designed to help MSPs achieve compliance, MSP operational maturity, improve cybersecurity, and deliver powerful Compliance as a Service solutions to an increasingly diverse and complex customer base.  

The latest release, featuring innovative components in 2024, is designed to empower MSPs across diverse sizes and maturity levels. The enhancements to Cyber Verify will provide MSPs with a set of groundbreaking, comprehensive tools and resources, facilitating a seamless integration of compliance processes; enabling MSPs to elevate the quality of services delivered to their clientele, as well as deliver powerful, recurring revenue services 

New Features for 2024: 

Cyber Verify Assessment Tool: Enhance efficiency and precision for customer compliance assessments through streamlined and easy to use processes 

Multi-Tenant and MSP Managed Controls: Simplify control management across various tenants and MSP-operated environments. 

Built-in CaaS and vCIO Support: Facilitate Compliance as a Service (CaaS) and provide robust support through an enhanced Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) for comprehensive compliance management. 

Updated Framework Mappings for Levels 1, 2, & 3: Align compliance requirements with organizational maturity levels for enhanced scalability. 

External Service Provider (ESP) Tracking and Risk Management: Introduce capabilities for tracking External Service Providers and bolster risk management, alongside improvements in certification mapping methodology. 

White Labeling: The new White Labeling feature allows Cyber Verify to be seamlessly delivered to managed services customers through a white-labeled platform, enhancing the overall user experience. The Compliance as a Service (CaaS) enhancements introduce a new Managed Control system, facilitating seamless integration of end-user customer controls with MSP-delivered controls. This integration simplifies the documentation, testing, and securing of the supply chain connecting the two organizations. 

MSPAlliance® remains committed to advancing the capabilities of MSPs and cloud providers by providing them with state-of-the-art tools and resources, irrespective of their size or maturity level. These enhancements underscore our dedication to facilitating compliance excellence within the industry. 

Industry Quotes:  

“Cyber Verify has been invaluable to our efforts to provide assurance to our customers and prospects,” said Marcus Thompson, CEO of Expedient Technology Solutions. “Cyber Verify effectively communicates the commitment Expedient has made in our technology, security, and data private investments.” 

“Cyber Verify made a big difference in terms of helping Parachute prepare for and meet industry standards such as SOC 2,” said Elmo Taddeo, CEO of Parachute. “Not only did the program make it much easier to achieve SOC 2, but it has now enabled us to help our managed services clients to also prepare so these same industry standards.”  

“Cyber Verify represents the future of MSP compliance programs,” said Celia Weaver, co-founder and president of MSPAlliance. “Based on the MSP framework designed by MSPs 20 years ago, Cyber Verify is actively helping MSPs of all sizes and maturity levels, achieve their compliance and security goals.”  

About MSPAlliance 

MSPAlliance® is a global industry association and accrediting body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. Established in 2000, MSPAlliance has been dedicated to helping MSPs become better service providers. Collaborating with corporate members worldwide, MSPAlliance works towards setting standards, policies, and best practices, benefiting its members and governments alike. For more information, visit 

MSPAlliance Contact: 

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