MSP Market Sees Growth Through 2022

We have another strong market forecast for managed services, this one provided by Market Research Future. According to their latest report, "Managed Services Market - Forecast to 2022" the managed services industry is predicted to continuing growing through 2022 at a CAGR of 11%.

Among the key drivers behind this growth are:

  • BYOD
  • Rise in digital information
  • Security around digital information
  • Increased usage of heterogenous networks

In terms of geographic regions, the report stated that North America is still dominant in terms of market representation, although APAC is projected to grow rapidly in the same time period.


Although reports like these are nice to see, they fall into a typical pattern of research focusing on large enterprise companies (many of the software and hardware vendors) and ignore the providers who take these solutions to market, the real MSP professionals.

Still, it is comforting to see our profession continue its global growth.

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One Response to MSP Market Sees Growth Through 2022

  1. Kevin says:

    With an 11% CAGR and increased complexity in delivering outsourced IT, the key to success will continue to be the creation of tools to automate the management of outsourced IT, and their adoption by the service providers delivering them.

    Not just automating current tasks, but adding additional facilities that extend beyond what we deliver today and give us a competitive advantage.

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