Written by: Myra Snyder, Sr. Manager, Certifications and MSP Analyst

Each year MSPs have an increasing variety of ticketing systems available for their use. New technologies are flooding the market, allowing MSPs to be more selective about their products.  This article examines the PSAs that are at the top of the market, and the increasing number of other PSA products.

The graph below shows the usage of PSAs among Certified Members from 2015 to 2018.  In 2015, you can see that only a few different products were used by the Certified Members collectively.  However, throughout the years, the Certified Members have greatly diversified their usage of ticketing systems.  While new products flood the market, Certified Members are also custom-building their own ticketing systems.

You can see on this graph that ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA have experienced the most growth over the past four years.  You can also see that each year, the Certified Members are trying new ticketing systems. This is partially due to the inclusion of new members in the certification program and partially due to existing members trying a new ticketing system.

The easiest way to see the diversity of PSAs on the graph is by looking at the gray “others” line.  This line represents all the ticketing systems in the dataset that are used less by MSPs. This line includes 12 other ticketing systems that are also used by Certified Members. The usage of other applications combined is growing at about the same rate as the usage of ConnectWise Manage.  While Manage and Autotask have the majority of the market share, the ticketing system market for MSPs remains diverse and competitive.

Based on current data trends, in 2019 MSPAlliance expects to see similar PSA growth to the trends seen in 2017 and 2018.  Manage and Autotask PSA usage is expected to increase, though at a slightly slower rate than the one that occurred from 2017 to 2018. Growth for Manage and Autotask is expected to slow due to the expected gains from smaller ticketing systems in 2019.  Due to the diversity in the PSA market, it is possible that a new PSA, such as Kaseya BMS, could gain popularity and appear on the graph, as ServiceNow did in 2019. MSPs have an exciting variety of PSA tools at their fingertips that continues to grow and adapt to their needs.

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