Written by: Charles Weaver, CEO – MSPAlliance

Next week MSP executives and business owners will converge at MSPWorld in Las Vegas. Something tells me this conference will be different in several ways, most notably the themes and discussions taking place.

Here is my preview of what issues will be discussed the most at MSPWorld.

1) MSP Security – There has been a lot of discussion around cyberattacks on MSPs, but most of it has been from outside the managed services profession. I suspect the MSPs will want to regain momentum and control and seek to create practical solutions to this ongoing problem.
2) Break/Fix Confusion – Similar to the cyber attack issue, there have been recent reports of break/fix IT companies being attacked. The only problem is the press has been misidentifying these companies as MSPs when they are not. I think MSPs will want to fix this problem.
3) Managed Security in 2020 – this gets more to the types of managed services offerings likely to be in demand next year. Managed security has been on the rise for the past few years and is expected to continue. But, it’s time to get specific and start to define actual managed security service offerings.
4) MSP Staffing – This is another legacy issue within managed services, and something MSPs have been discussing at MSPWorld for a few years now. IT unemployment remains at record lows, and MSPs need constant sources of new talent.
5) Generational Changes in the MSP Profession – we are starting to see a new generation of MSP business owners and executives. As the original MSP founders begin to transition into the next phase of life, a younger generation of entrepreneurs and MSP leaders are entering the profession. This shift was to be expected, but it does represent the first significant generational change we have seen in the managed services profession.
6) Passing it On – As new MSP owners and executives enter the workforce, it becomes even more necessary to pass on the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the decades. The next generation of MSPs must take advantage of the many years of trials, mistakes, and proven methods the existing MSPs have uncovered.

MSPWorld is always an exciting time to hear from MSPs directly, learn what their concerns are, and encourage them in the pursuit of their goals.

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