Scott & Scott, LLP Named Technology Law Firm of the Year – USA

Boutique law firm,Scott & Scott, LLP, was honored by Lawyers Worldwide Magazine as Technology Law Firm of the Year – USA in the April 17th edition of Super Lawyers 2017. The recently released edition features in-depth information with selected winners. You can read about Scott & Scott on Page 16-17 of the digital edition.

“It is so gratifying to be recognized by this prestigious publication and our colleagues. Our achievements would not have been possible without the tireless dedication of our team,” said Julie Machal-Fulks, partner.

The Lawyers Worldwide Awards Super Lawyers 2017 celebrates the leading, most prolific firms, that have continually displayed a high degree of quality, tenacity and ability to punch above their weight within their area of specialization.

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Super Lawyers 2017 showcases those firms who are truly the most competent across all areas of Private Equity, Banking and Finance, Law and all those who continue to provide assistance to the clients they retain, within such areas as Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Providers of Alternative Finance and of course, areas of the Due Diligence community, consisting of Environmental, Commercial and Risk & Insurance to name but a few.

Over the last year they have assessed internally via a panel of judges, and their entire readership those firms that are of note and that truly deserve to be crowned a Lawyers Worldwide Awards Super Lawyers 2017 winner.

During the judging process many factors are considered, such as client retention, speed of response and assistance and ability to navigate complex situations, while ensuring that the client is not concerned or unsure of what the outcome will be, regardless of the scale of the matter in question.

About Scott & Scott, LLP
Scott & Scott, LLP ( is a leading intellectual property and technology law firm representing businesses in matters involving software licensing. Scott & Scott, LLP Scott’s legal and technology professionals provide software audit defense and software compliance solutions, all protected by attorney-client and work-product privileges.

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