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Why Standards Matter in Managed Services

Everyone wants in on regulating MSPs. While I have no problem with accepting reasonable regulation and oversight, when policymakers overstep, they do so at their own peril.

Over-regulation of MSPs could have a detrimental impact on global IT security. This episode of MSPZone focuses on the existence of active MSP standards and certifications, many of which are likely unknown to the regulatory community.

Misplaced Cyber Risk – A Practical Lesson for us All

Cybersecurity consultants are now all the rage. It seems like overnight the world has been populated with consultants available to discuss cybersecurity issues.

While there is nothing wrong with discussing cybersecurity, there is concern when these cyber consultants begin to step into the world of managed services and offer guidance which is counterproductive.

Kaspersky Hits Back

Russian anti-virus manufacture has been pushing back against the German government after they advised organizations to replace the AV software. While Kaspersky has long been involved in the IT channel, the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has made things difficult for the company.

The New Normal for Cyber Threats

As much as I hate to say it, I do think we are in a new normal for cyber attacks, which will likely not go away in the foreseeable future. It was probably bound to happen and cyber threats picked a global pandemic in which to increase their attacks.

While this may not be good news for end-users and organizations, there is hope. MSPs are in a great position to (yet again) step in and demonstrate why they are so valuable.

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