Why MSPWorld Attracts MSPs

Posted 3.19.2019

It may sound like a silly question, given that the name of our conference is MSPWorld. But, there have been many MSP conferences which have come and gone over the years, and it got me thinking about why MSPWorld is so unique.

There is a reason why so many high-level MSP executives keep coming back to MSPWorld. We’re not just talking a few years in a row; I’m talking about MSPs who have been attending this event for over 15 years. There has to be a reason why they would keep coming back and investing their time to attend this conference. I believe it is greatly due to the safe environment these executives experience when they meet with their peers, discuss issues they cannot discuss many other places, and stay in touch with a community far greater than any they would anywhere else.

MSPWorld Addresses Real Issues

MSPWorld is known for touching on real issues facing MSPs. I have been to many conferences where motivational speakers give way to many technical and (in my opinion) boring talks about topics which have been sanitized to the point of being useless to most people.

MSPWorld raises real issues and tries to provide practical solutions. Sometimes, we can touch on very intimate issues. I remember one year when the entire panel discussion started to discuss channel politics and the behavior of certain predatory hardware and software vendors. Many MSPs in the room began to speak up and voice their concerns.

I have no doubt this was just pent up emotion, but it made me realize the MSPs don’t have many environments (outside MSPWorld) where they can discuss this type of thing and not be shouted down.

MSPWorld is all about managed services

Managed services topics at non-MSP events feel out of place. I’ve been to these events, where it’s one managed services topic which gets a room full of people, but the rest of the conference talks about something completely non-managed services related.

MSPWorld delivers a full conference experience all about the managed services (yes, this includes cloud) profession. Whether it is financial, accounting, sales, marketing, technical, operations, it doesn’t matter: all these topics are addressed at MSPWorld.

MSPWorld Relationships Are Built to Last

I’ve seen professional relationships and partnerships created from the meetings at MSPWorld. When people feel comfortable in their environment, they tend to open up and have experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is particularly important in the technology industry, where we need to be having more discussions, not less.

Even my niece met an MSP at MSPWorld. But, that’s a story for another time.

If you’ve never attended this conference, I highly suggest you check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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