The Datto 2019 State of the MSP Report is available for download, and all MSPs should download it and give it a read. While likely a referendum on Datto MSP users, the report does highlight some key areas MSPs can (and probably should) focus on for improvement.

Top Pain Points for MSPs

I think MSPs have been having problems with the same issues for decades. WHile figuring out how you are going to grow your MSP practice is not new or unique, there are issues which have been around plaguing MSPs that do have answers. Many of the problems listed in this report are issues our community has been addressing for more than 20 years.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales topped the list of issues posing problems for MSPs. While this is not new, it is worth mentioning that most MSP business owners are technical professionals with little business, sales, or marketing experience.

Without going through the many opinions we have presented on this topic here at MSPAlliance, MSPs do need to figure out (rather quickly) how to communicate what it is they do to customers and prospects. In other words, stop speaking tech and start talking business.


Ransomware/cybersecurity and compliance/data privacy issues combined represented 43% for MSPs in this study. These areas are the future pain points for customers, not just the MSPs. This is where MSPs should be focusing a lot of attention in the coming years to have a compelling message for their prospects.

MSPAlliance Among Top 3 Communities for MSPs

We are honored to be listed among the top 3 communities for MSPs. Thanks, everyone! We’ve got some exciting changes coming to our community, so stay tuned.

The report is a worthwhile read, and you can download it here.

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