Do MSPs need to disclose whether they own a datacenter or not? I don’t own a data center; do I still need to get certified? Many MSPs have these questions. There are many misconceptions when it comes to MSPs, data hosting, co-location, and how these components of a typical managed services practice are used.

Previously, we have discussed how external service providers used by MSPs have impacted audits. This is a closely related topic as more and more MSPs are being asked about whether they have third-party certifications and audit reports of their own.

In this episode of The MSP Zone, we dispel a few commonly held myths, or incorrect assumptions about how MSPs typically operate and how this impacts their communication and certification decisions.

1) MSPs and Data Centers – most MSPs don’t own or control a data center.
2) If you do not own or control a data center, you do not have to get certified
3) Co-location/cloud hosting – how does this impact my MSP practice?

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