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Set it and forget it. That’s how managed service providers think about automation and the efficiencies it brings. But wouldn’t it be great to think about revenue streams that way—something automation boosts while freeing your time for other tasks?

Welcome to the brave new world of automated phishing defense. By adding automation to the phishing defense services you provide to customers, you can save time, strengthen your security offering, AND fatten your incremental revenues.

At CofenseTM, we’ve given this a lot of thought. We believe automation, wonderful as it is, will never erase the need for vigilant, skilled humans. But, automation can accelerate repeatable workflows—tasks that chew up time better spent on higher priorities.

Example 1: Phishing Simulation Playbooks

What if service providers could schedule a year’s worth of phishing simulations in just a few clicks? You can. We’ve added automated playbooks to Cofense PhishMeTM. They’re a series of phishing scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and education content you can plug in to run over the course of a year. Make your selections, create your schedule, and boom—you’re done.

Anti-phishing administration doesn’t get any easier. Run multiple simulation campaigns with minimal overhead. Time is money for a service provider. Saving you time will help reduce your operational costs and increase your profit line.

Example 2: Smarter Simulation Delivery

There’s a really dirty word in any program admin’s vocabulary—whitelisting. Too many simulations never reach the inbox. They get whitelisted and banished to limbo, along with the effort required to send them in the first place.

That’s one big reason why Cofense PhishMe™ created Cofense PhishMe Responsive Delivery™. It delivers simulation emails directly to email clients, not via the email platform. No whitelisting, no emails getting caught by secure gateways.

Plus, this capability will send simulations ONLY when your customers are actively using email, when they show “proof of life” such as sending or saving emails. When users are traveling, home asleep, or simply located in different time zones, they won’t receive a simulation until they’re likely to interact with it. Besides increasing engagement, this makes it simpler to schedule simulations for customers you manage across the country or in multiple regions.

It all adds up to efficiency, reducing operational costs whilst providing immense value back to your customer — allowing more profit back for MSSPs and improved ROI for the outsourced service.

Example 3: Automated Phishing Analysis

When users report suspicious emails to security teams, that’s good. The service provider can analyze those messages and take action as needed. But reported emails have a way of piling up, especially if service providers have to spend valuable time manually sifting through emails, many of which turn out to be harmless.

To alleviate that burden, Cofense TriageTM automates phishing analysis. It filters spam and organizes verified threats by attributes. In other words, it turns large volumes of emails into actionable intelligence. Within minutes, the service provider’s SOC teams have the information they need to respond to attacks morphing quickly in a customer’s environment. Another benefit is for service providers to use their SIEM platform to consume all this data, for even more operational efficiency.

Example 4: Phishing Response Playbooks

Knowing that a service provider’s SOC team is extremely busy, Cofense also added automated playbooks to Cofense Triage™. Again, the idea is to speed up repeatable tasks that service providers would otherwise do by hand.

Threat actors recycle tactics that work, so a SOC team is likely to see high-performing phishing emails again and again. Instead of spending their time repeating the same basic responses, they can rely on automation to take care of the grunt work—and save their time and brainpower for faster threat mitigation.  So there you have it, four examples of automation and operational efficiencies jumpstarting your phishing defense services and your bottom line. To learn more about broadening your security services  with all these new technology innovations, visit

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