Too often we think only of technology as that which will save us from cyber security threats. Yet, there is an even more powerful resource in the fight against cybercrime…people. 

The human element is where the majority of email borne attacks are being focused. Are we doing enough to help those users fight what is aimed at them? 


  • Cybersecurity attacks have become more prevalent and more sophisticated, and organizations of all sizes and industries are being targeted.
  • Phishing emails look so real these days – end users are clicking despite organizations best efforts to educate and train.
  • The costs to organizations – those clicks open the door to ransomware among other attacks.  Costs to businesses go far beyond paying the ransom.  Downtime, damaged reputations, and lost customers add up.
  • Traditional email security measures are no longer enough.
  • What MSPs should consider for next generation email security protection.

MSP Zone Guest: Dave Baggett, CEO of Inky

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