Fighting cybercrime may require policies, procedures, technology, and the know-how to put it all together in a cohesive manner, but the individual also has an important role to play which cannot be discounted. Individual people must be aware of the threats facing them, their organization, and cannot be lulled into a false sense of security just because they have an MSP or an internal IT department. Even the best MSPs need the active participation of the individual to combat cybercrime.

Inky CEO Dave Baggett enters the MSPZone to discuss his thoughts on cybercrime and how MSPs can equip individuals to become more active in this ongoing fight.


  • The role of the individual in cyber defense
  • Educating staff on email threats
  • All organization personnel must be activated and equipped to defend against email attacks
  • Social engineering tactics exploited through email

MSPZone Special Guest: Dave Baggett, CEO & Founder of INKY

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