Data is everything. MSPs protect it, customers value it, and cyber criminals want to steal it. But, not all data is the same. Certain data is worthy of more protection and management, and other data has less of a value. In short, data must be managed.

But, to manage data effectively, you need to understand it first. Which brings us to data assessments. Amanda Regnerus of Aparavi enters the MSPZone to share her opinions on the value of data assessments, data managed services, and the role MSPs can play in this area.


  • Why is data growing so fast?
  • What is unstructured data?
  • Should unstructured data be protected?
  • What is the risk of unstructured data being kept?
  • What is a data assessment program?
  • Managed services case studies in performing data assessments

Amanda Regnerus, VP of marketing for the Americas for Aparavi

Tags : Aparavi,data assessments

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