In the wake of years of random cyberattacks on organizations, including several targeted attacks on RMM software companies, it was inevitable that an MSP would ask the question “should we turn off our RMM?” The question is a straightforward, even if the answer is not.


In this webcast we will discuss the recent cyberattacks on MSP supply chain vendors and address specifically whether RMM systems ought to be turned off, or in any other way, altered from the way they have been used by MSPs for over 20 years.


Webinar Highlights:

  • Turning off RMM systems
  • Security Threats mitigated by turning off the RMM
  • Security threats elevated by turning off the RMM
  • Alternatives to switching off the RMM
Hosted by:
Charles Weaver, CEO, MSPAlliance
Ray Scholl, CISO, Security7 Networks
Jay Smith, President of Sales, Security7 Networks
Travis Springer, Vice President, Sagiss

  • Perry
    Posted at 13:33h, 22 October Reply

    In regards to “Turning off RMM” and a couple other recent topics about RMM and ransomware; no where do you present providing more secure and more reliable alternative RMM solutions. How about looking at RMM tools that are more reliable and more secure. RMM solutions that don’t stop working every time the MSPs network or the remote network or the Internet have an issue. RMM solutions that that don’t use agents. The same agents that have been used to deliver viruses and ransomware to their customers equipment. Maybe its time to examine alternative methodologies and technologies. Maybe for some it should not be business as usual and excepting lifeboats (RMM tools) designed to go down with the ship.

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