Cyber Risk Blame Game

Posted 11.15.2022

Weaver Outrage Meter (Low)

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I recently spoke with an insurance executive and we had a very interesting conversation about risk and perceptions of risk related to cyber security and managed services. This conversation was eye-opening for a number of reasons, but mostly because it exposed me to a viewpoint I had not fully considered before.

This conversation is important because it represents what I believe is the larger debate happening right now between MSPs on one hand and public policy makers on the other. Is cyber risk truly a black and white issue or is there reasonable ground to disagree? Let’s dig in and find out.


  • Insurance view of MSPs
  • MSP view of Insurance
  • Where does risk really occur? The bad MSP and the bad client
  • How can we move forward?
Tags : cyber hygiene,cyber insurance,cyber risk,Cyber Verify

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