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Ransomware impacts many industries throughout the world, but today we focus on the manufacturing sector. Is the manufacturing industry facing an increase in cyber-attacks? If so, how are they responding to these attacks and what changes are they making to become more resilient to such attacks?

John Shier, senior security advisor with Sophos, enters the MSP Zone to discuss his analysis of a recent Sophos ransomware study.


  • 52% of manufacturing organizations were hit with ransomware in 2021 – a sharp uptick from 36% in 2020
  • 66% of surveyed manufacturing and production organizations reported an increase in the complexity of cyber attacks
  • 61% reported an increase in the volume of cyber-attacks when compared to the previous year
  • Only 75% of those surveyed reported having cyber insurance – the lowest percentage across all sectors
  • What lessons can we learn from cyber-attacks on manufacturing organizations?
  • What can MSPs do to protect these types of clients?
  • What should manufacturing organizations be doing differently?
Tags : cyber attack,manufacturing,ransomware

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