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Don’t Rely (too much) on Cyber Insurance

Barracuda surveyed 400 enterprise IT and security professionals globally, ranging from IT managers to CISOs, to discover the biggest cybersecurity challenges businesses face in 2023.

  • Are organizations placing too much emphasis on cyber insurance?
  • What should MSPs do about this?
  • Are cyber insurance policies being used to target ransomware victims?
MSP Economics Update for Q2

We just had the latest MSPAlliance Inspire meeting last week in Boston and it was a blast. It was a little chilly, but the group went to a Red Sox game, had a fun time, and got a lot accomplished. One of the outcomes was an update of unanimous agreement regarding the economy and its impact on managed services operations.

  • Is the Q1 slowdown still in effect?
  • What does Q2 have in store for MSPs?
  • What are MSPs doing to plan for the future?
Should MSPs Represent Themselves During M&A Deals?

We are in the middle of a curious period of MSP M&A. M&A deals seem to have slowed, and yet MSPs still report pestering from brokers and buyers trying to sign them up as clients. What can we make of this?

  • M&A demand is still strong amongst the MSP profession
  • Every MSP (buyer or seller) should have representation
  • Don’t fall for traps that entice you to represent yourself
Tags : cyber insurance,M&A,MSP economy

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