Written by: Charles Weaver, co-founder of MSPAlliance

As the world economies shift rapidly towards remote work environments for the short term, new challenges emerge for businesses and organizations. Remote workers suddenly expected to work productively from remote locations, often with little training on the technologies, systems, and procedures needed to do so effectively.

At the same time, organizations are struggling with how to deploy and enable remote workers so they maintain the same levels of productivity, safety, and security compared to physical office environments.

Enter the MSP.

  • MSPs can help organizations deploy, support, and secure remote users
  • MSPs understand remote technology; this is what we do!
  • MSPs are uniquely situated to enable the global fight against pandemic by assisting organizations remain viable and nimble during these difficult times
  • Demand for managed services will rise as a result of this pandemic

Listen to our related podcast on the coronavirus and how MSPs are helping lead the fight against its impact on our global economies.

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