Written by Charles Weaver, co-founder of MSPAlliance

If you’re at home, working remotely, practicing social distancing, you may be wondering what is next for the managed services profession. Well, there are some big changes happening in our industry right now…most of them are good. Unless the world economy comes to an end (which I don’t think will happen), we will bounce back from this pandemic very quickly. There will be changes though.

To ensure your managed services practice is optimally positioned for success, here are a few market segments you would be well served to be considering. As the COVID-19 panic continues to spread, several market sectors are experiencing huge business shifts. Most of these segments are being pushed into business model transitions that use more (not less) technology.

Business sectors such as retail, food service, professional services, and the numerous supply chain vendors supporting these industry sectors, all are experiencing rapid change that requires more reliance on technology. This rapid change means lots of questions about how to use that technology, how to make it reliable, functional, and secure.

MSPs have an incredible opportunity to begin new dialogs with prospects and clients around how our existing reality can become both profitable and sustainable. If you are not having these discussions with your clients, chances are someone else is.

This moment in time was made for the MSP profession. MSPs are ideally suited to step up to this challenge and help thousands of businesses and organizations throughout the world adapt to this new remote work environment.

Will you take up this challenge?

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