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The big 4 become the big 3. Yesterday, Datto announced that it is going to be purchased by Kaseya. The deal has huge potential for the global MSP marketplace and we will analyze what those outcomes might be in this podcast. 

What is impressive is to see a company like Kaseya who less than a year ago suffered a significant cyber attack rebound and pull off a deal like this one. There are bound to be questions and speculations about how this acquisition will impact the global MSP market. This is to be expected. The responses, furthermore, won’t be limited just to the MSPs, but will include the MSP tool vendors such as ConnectWise and N-able. 


  • Reverse IPO? 
  • Objective of deal
  • SMB managed services impact
  • ConnectWise & N-able response
  • MSP channel reaction
  • Secondary market reaction


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