Automation for MSPs in 2022

The role of automation in managed services is not new, however, it has a rough history. MSPs have always recognized the need to scale their operations but have struggled with

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More MSP Legislation Updates

The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania both took steps recently to pass legislation around managed IT service providers (MSP) and cybersecurity. While these actions by themselves are not

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The Argument for MSP Specific Cyber Standards

Ten years ago, I wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal arguing for a “universal standard” for cloud computing. While a lot has changed in the last decade, the

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The Armchair Cybersecurity “Expert”

The rise of armchair cybersecurity “experts” has accelerated in recent years. Perhaps the industry most impacted by these armchair cybersecurity experts is managed services.  As cyberattacks and threats continue to

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The Argument for MSP Protection Legislation

The time has come for MSP protection legislation. MSPs safeguard many thousands of industries throughout the world and they need our support. More importantly, MSPs need the support of our

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Things People Say About MSPs

Part of the responsibility of being an MSP is to understand what is being said about your profession. The task of observing how “non-industry” people and organizations talk about MSPs

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