Do You Have Ransomware in Your MSP Agreements?

Ransomware is a problem for everyone. MSPs fight every day to keep their clients safe from ransomware, and yet, we must plan for the worst case scenario.  MSPs need to

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My Thoughts on the CISA MSP Advisory

  CISA published their advisory bulletin addressing risk considerations for organizations thinking about using managed service providers. This is a great advisory, but it has some areas of potential misinterpretation

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Can you Survive without Managed Services?

It is a question we used to get often during the early days of managed services. Particularly, when organizations did not fully understand the requirements of owning IT infrastructure. To

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The MSP Legislation We Need

There has been a lot of discussion concerning the MSP regulation our profession should have. Standards for MSPs, cyber practices to reduce the number of cyberattacks, etc. Instead, I’d like

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MSP Service Catalogs in the Age of Cloud

How should your managed services catalog change, if at all, when delivering your offerings in the cloud? How can you use your updated services catalog to improve your sales and

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How to Have the “Ransomware Conversation” with Your Clients

Every MSP needs to have an important conversation with their clients about cyberattacks and ransomware. These conversations don’t have to be difficult, but they have to happen. Here are my

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