Will The Insurance Industry Survive Cybersecurity?

Insurance is one of those topics often misunderstood by many, and yet has an undeniable impact on many industries. The common belief is that MSPs have been the more risky

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M&A Buyer Tactics You May Want to Avoid

  MSPs looking to acquire other MSPs are everywhere. MSP buyers have always existed and will always exist. Having seen what works and what doesn’t, I thought it would be

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What is Cybersecurity as a Service?

The Information Technology industry has long suffered from nearly constant changing of names and the introduction of new names to replace old ones. Whether this is a successful rebranding technique

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Changing Legal Landscape for Managed Service Providers

It has been several years since GDPR went into effect and it has had an impact on MSPs and clients alike. Today, many more laws are being and have been

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Is the UK Changing Data Privacy Laws?

It was going to happen eventually after the UK left the European Union. The UK is deliberating on whether GDPR will remain as a central theme in data privacy and

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Quantifying the Values of Managed Services

For 25 years MSPs have been attempting to communicate why they are necessary to their clients. For existing managed services customers, this value makes sense since they already know what

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