Who Are Hackers Really Targeting?

Fact: Ransomware “gangs” are actively trying to attack organizations of all sizes. The attacks have had some success and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. But, are the attack

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Are Supply Chain Problems Forcing VARs Out of Their Business Model?

Pandemic related supply chain disruptions are happening on a global basis. Since the beginning of the pandemic, everyday items have become subject to distribution disruption. These supply chain disruptions are

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MSP Consolidation Rumors On the Rise Again?

It seems there is never a shortage of M&A related chatter within the IT channel and we appear to be in the middle of one such rumor mill once again.

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MSP Contract Negotiations Series – Termination Clauses

MSPs have agreements with everyone; customers, vendors, partners. The managed services agreement with customers, perhaps, is the most important. Regardless of the type of MSP you are, the types of

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The Cost of Human Error in Cybersecurity

  Too often we think only of technology as that which will save us from cyber security threats. Yet, there is an even more powerful resource in the fight against

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Do We Lack Cyber Standards or Enforcement?

  A few episodes ago we discussed the challenges cyber insurance carriers are having identifying and categorizing risk. This has been evidenced in difficulties MSPs (and their customers) have been

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