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Q1 Managed Services Industry Report Card

We have officially wrapped up Q1 2023 and its time to evaluate how the managed services profession did and what the outlook is like.

S&P 500 doing well because of IT stocks

Cyber Consultants Continued

We have been discussing (for years) the ongoing evolution and emergence of consultants in the cybersecurity field and the impact they are having on managed service providers (and their clients). We have an update on this topic from actual MSPs who are encountering these consultants in the field and the feedback may surprise you.

  • MSP interaction with cyber consultants (mature vs reactive MSPs)
  • Agenda of the cyber consultant movement
  • What can MSPs do?
AI vs Automation

MSPs need to evolve. Evolutionary change has been a constant in the managed services profession since its beginning in the early 1990s. As MSPs search for ways to become more efficient and scalable, an emerging debate is presenting itself as we understand more about artificial intelligence and automation tools.

  • AI vs automation
  • AI risks in managed services
  • MSP guidance for automation and AI technologies
Tags : AI,artificial intelligence,automation,Robotic Process Automation,RPA

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