The supply chain in managed services involves numerous technology relationships with external parties. This is a normal practice. There are, however, some easy and necessary steps every MSP ought to take when reviewing their supply chain partners and making decisions that ultimately affect risk and profitability.

Episode Highlights:

  • How do MSPs approach securing their supply chain?
  • Supply chains are part of many professions
  • MSPs work at the “direction” of the client
  • What can MSPs (and their clients) do to operate in an unsafe world?
  • Perform technical & business due diligence on your supply chain vendors
  • Suitability review of the MSP’s supply chain vendors to the needs of the clients
  • Supply chain discussions are great opportunities to talk about security with clients
  • MSPs should not be afraid to discuss their supply chains with their clients

MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott, Scott & Scott LLP

Tags : supply chain

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